₹47999 iPhone 11 scam REALITY


I know a lot of you won’t understand the core message of this video, so let me make certain things very clear for all of you. This video is intended to show how indian youtubers use emotional marketing to sympathize indian audience which is already filled with emotions.
As mentioned in the video I don’t know if that video was FAKE or REAL we can’t be 100% sure.The only body which decides whether the accused is guilty or no is Judiciary.
even if he is REAL
Using irrelevant tags is against Youtube’s Community guidelines
mentioning PhonePe/GooglePay number and then asking people not to send money is hypocritical.

1)This video is just for entertainment and contains light humor
2)Nothing personal

Sellers which got scammed by customers:-

video edited by ME
sound by Epidemic Sounds

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  1. NOTE-
    I know a lot of you won't get the core intention of making this video,Let me make somethings clear
    Amazon might refund his money coz in such cases brands need to maintain their image.
    You can go through his comment section and look how many people have been influenced by his actions and cancelled their order.
    At the end of this video there is a proof how brand in order to maintain their Brand image have initiated the refund

    Also I Repeat m not saying he is fake or real.
    That gets decided by the judiciary but

    For sure:- using irrelevant tags is against youtube community guidelines and may lead to copyright strike and his channel might as well get deleted (if Youtube gets to know about about this 6 video have violated guidelines till now)

    2) mentioning Phonepe/GooglePay number and then asking audience not to send money is hypocritical.

    Hope he gets Justice!!!✌️

  2. See guys he said he make this video for views at the same time he doesn't have proper proof so simply this video doesn't make any sens & you are wasting time

  3. Abe noobra chup kar bohut bolta ha kud ke pas khridne ka paisa nahi ha toh itna mat bol noob tera aaukat nahi ha tuh apni kabhi boli sunna Jaise sare weh kachra ke taarha

  4. Bro tumhara doubt 3 wrong hai
    Mera amazon account bhi ban hua without any reason aur main waha se bus studio lights purchase kiya tha which was broken so jab return krna gya toh unhona block kr diya 2 din ke baddd..

    I guess bro u don't know that amazon pe chase bhi hua hai nd is still going on.

    And ya now u r using this guys name to gain subs nd views.
    Bhai tu ek bat bata raph ko bara bara utuber na help kiya tha.aab tu unko bhi fraud bol.
    Simply point is this teri fatt gyi hai.
    Coz this guy grew in 6 days so much..
    And thats the prove.pehela tu ya dekh tuna kitna vedio banaya hai raph ke upar fir bol.

  5. Toh voh pagal h jo usne abb iphone 12 liya ?? Agar apke hisab se usne hamko fake videos banake dikhai h toh reality mai usko amazon se real wala iphone mila hoga. Lekin abb usne iphone 12 purchase kiya h and vlog bhi banaya h. Toh voh pagal toh nhi hoga jo views gain krne ke liye 2 iphones pe paise barbaad krega.🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Yeah pagal hai wo sahi hai.
    Bhai uski yeah Galti thi bas usne cut nahi dheka bas.
    Iska Matlab Wo galat hai.
    Bhai to bhi hota to Naya phone me itna sayed hi Dhekta.
    Thig about him bro.
    Don't angry.
    Kahe jal rahe hao use tum.


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