10 Best Must Have Apps for iPhone 6


Here are some apps that i think you guys should check out and at least try once. I am sure you will love these apps as these apps really adds new features and also replaces some stock apps.

App List
0:24 1) Swiftkey ————–
1:45 2) 1Password ———–
2:58 3) Yahoo Weather —–
3:58 4) Sunrise Calendar —
4:58 5) Photoshop Touch —
6:20 6) If This Then That —-
7:26 7) Feedly ——————
8:09 8) Mailbox —————–
9:04 9) Pushbullet—————
9:56 10) Snapseed ————-

So these are the best apps for iphone 6 and i will be coming with top iphone 6 apps so subscribe .

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  1. Данил Хубеджев · Edit

    The phone is really good.>>ur2.pl/1286 It looks as they described it that it has light scratch from behind, but it doesn’t matter when you use a cover to protect your phone. I have it now for less than year and works perfectly so far. No problems with it. But I wish it had a wire headphone


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