$120 iPhone 12 Pro Max – Fake/Clone – Goophone – Hands On


Please subscribe for more! Today we are looking at the first iPhone 12 Pro Max clone/fake. Now there’s something that makes this one different from the others.


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  1. Goophone really bought millions in MTK6580 stock and are trying to get rid of them. This CPU isn’t worth 50$. Imagine paying 120$ for this, it’s not even worth 40 bucks.

  2. If o have it I will not buy the original why because people will think is original
    95 % people see you have money 💰 or a nice phone 📲
    Just when they see people texting 💬 or Calling
    Not one ask to go in the phone 📲 screen and search 🔦 to see if real or fake
    Then if you go out there not to many people will now

  3. I wish the Chinese would build a 1:1 replica with the latest Snapdragon and great specs so you could get the iPhone design with the capabilities of an android


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