$160 Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max vs $1,449 11 Pro Max! (NEW)


NEW Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro Max Clone!! Fake $160 iPhone 11 Pro Max vs $1499 11 Pro Max.. This thing is scary close!

New AirPods Pro Clone.

Phone Rebel Cases.

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  1. The best performances for less money. The best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The iPhone 11 pro offers you the best of technology. The best camera with a lot of memory really looks perfect.


  2. Can u pls do a giva away everyone in my ckass has a phone but i dont and by u giving me that phone i will have lots of friends pls my parents wont buy me one i hope u reply to me

  3. I can vouch for jamesmalthe on telegram he's actually legit I've just received my iPhone from DHL, but I'm really upset man cause I ordered for 32g storage all I can receive is 16g storage but it's cool man…. At least he sent something it might be a mistake, but don't do that next time dude

  4. 11:33 "You know… a little bit more than 1/10 of the price is it worth it?"
    Hell yeah it's worth it IF… you can only afford about $200 for a cell phone. It's offering about 60-70% functionality at 1/10 the price.

  5. nice dealing with cybebrain.security on Instagram I got my IPhone 12 for $800 they delivered it successfully to my house , i really appreciate you for the way you handled the situation am so grateful just wanna tell you a big heartfelt thank you..

  6. For £150 that’s not a bad phone…fuck Apple. Seriously, you’re comparing as though it has to be like for like. It’s like 1/10th the cost.
    Right to repair, Apple would charge you $150 for the battery alone…seriously, let’s end this glorification of a company that has been ripping its fan base off since Jobs died.
    They’re shite. It’s a shame these companies who are producing these knockoffs, don’t actually compete in the legitimate market, put a bit more effort in. Create their own proprietary OS…and upspec some of the components. They could do a better job than Apple for half apples price.

    You’re slagging off a phone, that if Apple had put out 3 years ago, you would’ve been jisming all over 3 years ago saying here tak my $1000

  7. I had received an iPhone 11 pro max with the camera that you've shown in the iphone clone…..otherwise its all good..But i didn't get the camera filters properly

  8. Im actually really surprised that I got a real iphone 11 pro max with 512 gb and 2 otterbox cases a samsung wireless charging convertible for only 800 on like ebay or something that would have been way more


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