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On 26th August, 1812, two huge armies were doing the last preparations to one of the bloodiest battle of the epoch near the village of Borodino, 124 kilometers away from Moscow. A quarter of million soldiers, over a thousand cannons. Here, near Borodino, the fate of all the military campaign, the fate of Moscow, the fate of all Russia was being decided.
With the first streak of dawn the drums roared and pipes sounded in the French and Russian camps. At about 5.30 a.m. over 100 French cannons started bombarding the positions of the Russian left flank where the Bagration flèches were located, while the first distracting attacks were held by Napoleon on the right flank.

Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2012
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Pavel Tupik
Written by: Valeriy Babich
Director of photography: Dmitriy Kiptilyu
Music by: Boris Kukoba
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Oleg Vol’nov, Konstantin Ernst

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  1. Some corrections here! Portugal also rejected the French blockade order and was actually invaded for three times before Russia and for three times defeated the French with British help. As for the Portuguese that took part in the Grandee Armee, these were volunteers who had liberal ideals. Later on some of them would be trialed as traitors in Portugal.

  2. The ruler is weak and crafty, a
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    The two-headed eagle was pinched
    At Bonaparte's tent.

    Thunderstorm of the twelfth year
    It's time-who helped us here?
    Frenzy of the people,
    Barclay, winter Il Russian God?

    But God helped — was murmuring below,
    And soon by the power of things
    We were in Paris,
    And the Russian Tsar is the head of tsars.
    Russian Russian poet, one of the founders of the modern Russian language-Pushkin A. S.

  3. Historically a lot of countries attacked Russia. It's happening as I type in 2020. All should take heed of the one who would not attack Russia, Julius Caesar, wrote "the Slavs make for very poor slaves…"

  4. Please add the all war docs from your other channel thare are a lot of videos from thare me and the world would love to watch in English subtitles thank you .

  5. This is the first time Im watching this and I honestly wanna keep an open mind but I already know, it's gonna be littered with Russian bias like every Russian thing is….I love mother Russia but I can't stand the prop crap, they're just as worse as England and US in that thing…I hope I'm proven wrong.

  6. Even without actors dramatizing events and people this series is still very interesting. The is a two part French documentary about Napoleon's Invasion and Retreat which is very good as it mentions a rank and file Old Guard along with major players like Kutusov, Alexander I, and Napoleon (of course). One new name I've never heard before was Napoleon's staff Marshal Coloncueier. His Excellency ignored his advice and the Grand Army was destroyed.

  7. What a stupid claim, at 4.35 + – that the attack on Russia was necessary for Napoleon because it was the path to an attack on India, a colony of Britain.

  8. Excelente la calidad y la actuacion. Bravo por el cine ruso! Espero que proximamente puedan agregar subtitulos al español. Saludos desde Argentina.

  9. Audio Production/Music Production Course · Edit

    So Russians beat Napoleon too? And Hitler? Damn. I was told it was Americans. I also believed Americans beat aliens like truly shown in the Independence day movie.

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  13. 34:29 the look on that Russian infantry officer’s face says it all about the pressure of being in heavy combat like that. An ashen face trying to maintain composure during the unrelenting pressure of French cavalry charges.


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