3 Ways to Rotate iPhone Videos and Fix Wrong Orientation


Have orientations issues with your iPhone videos? We’ll show you how to rotate videos on iPhone on PC, on Mac or with mobile apps.
-Recommended mobile apps: and
-Recommended PC app: Filmora
-Recommended Mac app: iMovie (built in)

If you like shooting videos or taking selfies with your iPhone, you’ve probably been to this awkward situation: the video plays just fine on your iphone, but when you upload it to Youtube or facebook, it becomes sideways with vertical orientation. Why? That happens when you start shooting vertically and rotate your phone to landscape mode while recording, but the video stays locked in portrait orientations. Luckily this mistake can be easily fixed with apps on every operation system. Now, I’ll show you 3 ways to rotate video on iPhone.

No.1 Rotate iPhone video with Apps
The 1st thing you can think of is probably iMovie. But in fact, it’s not built in on every model. Moreover, iMovie consumes a lot of space on your phone, more than 600 mb! So I’d recommend 2 other apps: Rotate Video & Flip, and Video Rotate Free. They are both free, easy to use, and most importantly, their file sizes are one tenth of iMovie’s! Their interface is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to import the video, choose one of 4 rotating or flipping options, and save to your camera roll. There you go!

No.2 Rotate iPhone video on Mac

If you use a Mac, you can rotate the video with the free built in iMove. Just open it from launchpad, import your iPhone video files. Then click Cropping and you’ll find the option to crop or rotate. Afterwards, you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. When you finish editing, select export on the right top and you can either save to media library or directly share to Youtube, facebook etc.

No. 3 Rotate iPhone video on PC

With an easy to use video editor for Windows Wondershare Filmora, you can easily rotate the video and edit with lots of stunning effects.

If you haven’t had it yet, click the link in the description box below, visit filmora.wondershare.com and download a free trial.
Next, open Filmora, and select Full Features Mode.

If your iPhone is connected to PC, click Import and choose Import from Camera or iPhone and Filmora will automatically detect the media files and let you easily select video or photos to import.
Then drag the video to timeline and double click to apply editing. In this interface, you can rotate of flip the video. Don’t forget to click OK to save editing.
Moreover, other than basic editing features like cut, trim, crop, Filmora offers countless royalty free songs, text effects, transitions, filters, overlays and motion elements to add bit of magic to your video. When you export, you can save the video in a variety of formats or share on Youtube, Facebook with 1 click.

Isn’t it convenient? Just click the link to visit filmora.wondershare.com and download Filmora free trial now to create awesome videos. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe for more interesting tips on video making.

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