*aesthetic iOS 14 TUTORIAL* | step-by-step themed iPhone background


themed ~aesthetic~ iPhone iOS 14 UPDATE (step-by-step quick, simple, & easy to follow tutorial) & whats on my iPhone Pro MA | how I customized using the …


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  1. Does anyone have the problem where you add shortcuts with the cute icons and when you get a notification it won’t appear on the icon itself???? Please someone help!! I was so excited to get started on customizing and now I’m stopping because I have this problem? TIA❤️

  2. thank you so very much, at first i didn’t even know how to even use the app “ widgetsmith” but thanks so much to you for all that you do just for us. it means a whole lot and i wish you well. thank you so so much!!!🐚🤍

  3. •Lυɳα_Lαʋҽɳԃҽɾʂ• · Edit

    I literally just deleted the shortcuts app cause I didn’t think I’d use it for anything and didn’t know why I needed it. Now I gotta dowload it again


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