Allegro non troppo Bruno Bozzetto 1977


Martian subtitles coming soon! i reposted in a better quality:


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  1. Sonicgamer08 Suprem · Edit

    Il pezzo dell'uccello di fuoco mi ha sempre messo ansia, quasi terrore, perché è talmente crudo, riconoscibile e strano che non puoi non essere terrorizzato dall'idea. Specialmente il pezzo a 1:12:08 mi ha fatto paura la prima volta che l'ho visto non so perché ma mi terrorizza.

  2. May many good karmic things be blessed upon the person who had the great taste to post this. You are obviously already blessed by being so smart, but wishing many more blessings to you.

  3. I remember this movie from when I was a kid, I had given up on looking for it and today I did it again and it was here!! So many memories!!!

  4. I've seen the <i>Bolero</i> scene by itself many times over the years without knowing it was from a larger film. It was fun to see the whole thing.

  5. I saw this at a midnight show in the late 70s and have never forgotten it, especially the one @ 47:38 (the cat.) I was so moved by that piece. Great to see it again.


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