Amazon Fraud Send Me Clone iphone 11 | Not Refunding Money | Amazon Great Indian sale Fraud 2020


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Vedi Altri Articoli Su Altra Tecnologia



  1. Bro. Don’t order any expensive product from any online shopping app. All this app are worth only below ₹2000. If anyone is planning to purchase any item it’s better to personally go to any shop or authorised dealers.

  2. I see clearly that was a fake device and a company like Amazon should be careful about these particular sellers / logistics partners. However, I’ve always bought phones from Amazon and never had such issues. Maybe a case of really expensive bad luck, for which Amazon should own up and process the refund.

  3. Waqt katam bhai terko amazon se ganta refund nhi milne wala tata bye bye katam tune bhot income karli youtube se ab naya iphone lele jake store se


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