Apple iPhone 7 | 4K Video Test | 2160p


My first Apple iPhone 7 video filmed in 4K resolution (Ultra HD, 3840×2160 pixels) at 30 frames per second. Raw footage, no adjustments or color grading. We begin with changing the record settings to 4K and then taking a stroll in the city by the marina and a castle. We stop to look at some cars driving by and then head to a restaurant for a nice dinner and bird watching. We end up at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

The first 50 seconds is filmed with a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and I discovered that, while the Sony records sound in stereo at 48 kHz, the iPhone records in mono at 44, 1 kHz. This is interesting since the Sony has been on the market since 2015.


Setup and Testing

4K Low Light / Night Time Test

Slow Motion Test

Sample Pictures


© 2016 Fredrik Cedergren

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  1. I also made a low light / night time test in 4K. Check it out here:

  2. For people who like to use their phone to take video footage of something they or their friends are doing, yes, this is a nice option. However, for people who think they can be a filmmaker, making narrative films on it…..while panning the image loses it's texture, even at 30fps. At 30 fps only, motion blur does not look right as filming is done at 24 fps in US, 25 fps elsewhere. Do the settings have a "lock" feature so that the phone does not constantly adjust for lighting? If not, the footage I saw here is a detriment because the camera changes it's settings and that is evident in the unnaturalness of the footage. There is only a shallow depth of field (part in focus, part out of focus) when focusing on something really close to the camera. Otherwise, EVERYTHING is in focus. It can be used for some simple shots in filmmaking, but it cannot be the primary camera. Still need a real camera.

  3. I figured out a way to watch full 2160p videos on iPhone 8 or X, visit my channel and click on the videos Curtain, Lego, and the most recent one. Click on Quality and it should show 2160p


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