Apple WWDC 2010 – iPhone 4 Introduction


Introduced in June 2010, the iPhone 4 replaced the iPhone 3GS, and included the same Apple-designed A4 processor found in the iPad. External improvements …


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  1. So happy they brought this beautiful design back for the 12th series. It's seriously hard to beat this even though the 6 all the way to the 11 were all beautiful too.

  2. The difference between Steve and everyone else during these? They sound like they’re following a presentation script. Steve sounds like he’s introducing a family member to you.

  3. I love how steve always went into so much detail when presenting a product. I wish apple still did that. Phil does a pretty good job, but these presenters they’ve been having recently aren’t very good. If Steve isn’t presenting, we need Phil!

  4. Seeing this for the first time. Arguably the greatest iPhone release ever. But you can see Steve’s demanding side with the “please turn off your WiFi devices!!” 😂. He tries to be funny at times but you can he’s upset by this.


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