Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)


The BEST video editors for iPhone & iPad in 2020! Here’s our 2020 review of the leading options, and our pick for the best video editing app for iPhone (and …


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  1. I got scared of adobe, since they ask ridiculously high prices for subscriptions. Is it possible to use it without internet, subscriptions or an accidental payment?

  2. I know this video was made a while ago but I hope you see this comment lol, I am just starting out and only have an iphone and an Ipad, this video really helped me confidence wise knowing that it is okay to start out with for sure ! Only thing I wanted to know is it possible to maybe film on the iphone and edit on my ipad? Do you know how that would work? The settings on the iphone camera were different on my ipad so I am scared my ipad wont be high quality enough basically. Also of course we want to use our front camera to film but also i feel on the iphone and the ipad it is not the best quality. Any suggestions how I should go about this? I plan on filming content later today and uploading tomorrow hopefully. Thank you soooo much in advance to anyone who can help.I wanted to add i have an Iphone 8plus and my ipad is a 9.7 in 6th generation, I dont know if that helps.

  3. Will any of these editors work on an iPad mini4? If so, will I need any other kind of tools like a stylus? i have fat fingers and would appreciate something sleeker to navigate the software.

  4. For some reason my Viva Video has been having VOICE DELAY. Everything is good but as the video goes on the video itself starts to fall behind about a second to the actual voice. PLEASE HELP


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