Camera Comparison: iPhone 11 VS iPhone 11 Pro!


The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max) have a lot in common with their cameras, but there are distinct differences. We break down …


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  2. I need a portrait mode comparison of these two phones. I know ip11 has wide portrait mode. My question is does the iphone 11 pro zooms in like the portrait on XSmax

  3. I used my phone 11 to take a selfie in the sun in portrait mode , and then took another selfie in the same light in my moms iPhone 11 Pro Max , and for some reason the 11 pros selfie came out a lot better ?! The color saturation was higher and matter if that makes sense. Why is that ?!

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  5. I absolutely LOVE my new iPhone pro max! The abilities of the camera’s are seriously blowing my mind. This phone comes with the new iPhone fast charger which I am serious, my phone is dead. I plug it into my included charger and it’s totally charged in 15 minutes. I swear I just can’t believe how long the battery actually lasts but to go from dead to fully charged that fast is AMAZING!! The phone itself is beautiful. It’s just the right size to hold comfortably but it’s a solid device. I seriously recommend this phone to everyone.


    I have an iphone 7 plus and i can guarantee you the portrait mode works on everything not only ppl. So if the 7 plus can why not the iphone x?

  7. Great Video, specially the duck pictures made it easy to understand. Thank you

    Quick question from a "novice" like me: If I take a picture from Iphone 11, and then manually zoom in and crop it, will I get the same effect that I would have otherwise received with Iphone 11 pro (teleshot)? I am trying to understand if the third lens in Iphone 11 Pro is more for convenience OR it can actually do something that is just not possible with Iphone 11?

  8. I just shot a whole music video using my Iphone 11 camera (not pro) and it looks awesome, seriously! Check it out on my channel and see the quality of this amazing camera! “The New Me” by Marina Mackenzie

  9. You are buying a camera that makes phone calls….

    I hate how sensitive the side buttons are on iPhone 11….

    I can’t take it out of my pocket without taking 4 screenshots and calling emergency services!!

  10. What people continuously fail to realize is nobody is saying to upgrade every new gen phone. Realistically every 3 for people would be ideal, Then the differences are huge. Aside from that do what you want to do with your money.


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