Chipmunks and Chipettes – Dance Monkey


hai my cuddly wuddly! 💕
how are you? I hope that fine.
I think I need help.
I was at the psychiatrist and she said I have a huge depression.. and.. I can’t believe that, uh? Or at least I don’t care. She gave me some medicine and it made me feel better.. right? But now it’s getting worse? I’m sorry, but what the fuck. I feel very strange 🤪🤫 I’m afraid I’ll lose my mind, help me! I don’t know what to do, what to Say, what to think.. I know, I’m an idiot and drama queen 🙃 but I don’t know what’s going On?!
Okay, I think I need to take some pills again. I’m So sorry for confusing you.
Also, this song reminds me of what I feel When I feel like I’m losing my mind.
I think that’s all I can say

see ya later, pooh bears! 💞🐻

or not.

Song: Dance Monkey
Artist: Tones and I
Time: who cares?
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  1. Mohammad Mostafigur Rahman · Edit

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  2. Dance Monkey – Song recreated using just an iPad or iPhone using #garageband. Click here 👉 #dancemonkeyindiancover Artist : @joethedjembeman


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