Cold Pursuit (2019 Movie) Official Trailer – Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum


Cold Pursuit – In Theaters February 8, 2019. Starring Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum Subscribe to the LIONSGATE YouTube Channel for the latest …


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  1. The look on the drivers face as LIAM approaches him driving the snowballer/truck. LIAMsaid 'Hey there's not enough room to pass on the turn off, any chance you could back up'. MANreplies 'Just between me and you blame it on frostie'. LIAMreplies 'yesure' SMACK!!!…….and then the body counts start to piles up. LIAMNEESONISAMANHUNTER! ExcellentfilmSTUDIOCANAL/LIONSGATE.


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