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Matt cerca di conoscere il nome di una donna affascinante, ma viene invece coinvolto in una lotta.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Daredevil, Mark Steven Johnson, folla, crimine, pugilato, eroe, super eroe, fumetto, hell’s kitchen, cieco, criminali, violenza, prete, avvocato, funerale, new york city, Elektra, lotta sul campo, scena di lotta

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  1. They're doing this cringy ballet scene…Meanwhile just a few blocks down, Frank Castle is gouging out William Rawlings'' eyes after shanking him fifteen times.

  2. Cristiano Furquim Bianchini · Edit

    I do not see a scene so well done so since the release of this movie! Fouls in the film industry as an actress that takes his work seriously, and has the profile for this type of character as Jennifer Garnner! If you want to make a great sequêcnia for The Avengers, but for God's sake, call the Matrix team to Train Scarlett Johansson, are horrible action scenes starring as a stunt in the series Buffy also director Joss Whedon!

  3. Cristiano Furquim Bianchini · Edit

    This scene would be more extensive, Elektra had many legal moves of Kung Fu but all were cut by someone spoke to the principal that would best summarize this scene!
    To bad!!!


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