DIFF Film Personality Test on YouTube


Hello film lovers,

The 9th Dubai International Film Festival may be over for this year, but you can still get a good idea of what you may be interested in watching for the future, and next year’s DIFF, with the DIFF Film Personality Test on YouTube.

View the five Inkblots and click what word relates most to each Inkblot you see. In just five clicks you will receive your result of what film genre(s) and potential movies you may be interested in watching.

Click to start your Inkblot video test now. And remember to share the test with friends and family and find out a little more about their personalities and their preferred film genres.

The Dubai International Film Festival.
A film for everyone.

This Inkblot Analysis was developed by:
Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
and the professional staff of Human Relations Institute, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Movie Genre Perceptual Personality Inventory MGPPI

*Requires Flash Plug-in.
This test uses “annotations” feature of YouTube and might not work in some devices.

Inkblots, Dubai Film Festival, Fim Personality Test

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  1. Absolutely wrong… "what film genre(s) and potential movies you may be interested in watching." -> just because I recognize a pattern first or I see it as predominant it doesn't mean I have any interest on that subject or figure. The way you see patterns is not directly connected with your personal interests.


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