Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars (2017) | Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary


Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars, directed by Oscar-winner Lili Fini Zanuck (Rush, Driving Miss Daisy), is an unflinching and deeply personal look into the life of …


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  1. To me its sad how is own mother had rejected him never met his father had addaticon to drugs and alcohol lost his is son but yet is with us and is playing music he also one reason why I learned and played guitar so thank you

  2. Inherent racist – Enoch Powell lover. Used black folks for his emotional gain and success. Drink and drugs revealed his true racist heart.

    If he's as sorry as he claims to be from his racist past then what on going action has he done to help blacks plight?

  3. one of the most overestimated musician ever… He didn't compose more than 10 songs (watch on his "best of" CD) not even his biggest hits "Cocaine", "I shot the sheriff" …Always playing the same.. he sounds like a guitar teacher with a stratocaster, sings in an impersonal way

  4. There is no excuse for racism.
    This guy was a talented guitarist and admired but he chose racism.
    Those were horrible days for people.
    Wonder if BB knew about the racism.
    Eric , fix it by building schools and clinics for the disadvantaged.

  5. Jean-Marie Boucherit · Edit

    Don’t believe anything Eric Clapton says in this documentary. It’s just an exercise in self chastising for what he thinks were his sins and mistakes. He would have us believe that he was crap,in his drinking and drug years, but it wasn’t so. Just listen to EC was here, released in 1975, and your jaw will drop. It’s the John Lennon syndrome: calling crap everything that went before. It’s the mark of geniuses I guess.

  6. Gonzalo Fernando Alvarado Bustamante · Edit

    I just saw the whole doc and let me tell you something THIS should be on youtube premium! PLEASE! and by the way really loved that slowhand himself tells parts of the story. I was so heartbroken at some moments.


  7. Saw the movie today – and I am flashed. Wonderful document about a gifted artist who lately found his peace during his lifetime. Sensational documentary – highly recommended!!!


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