Factory hard reset iphone 5 5S 5C SE


Factory hard reset will reset your phone to factory settings. Hard reset will clear a forgotten pass code. The reset will remove all data, including photos, contacts, texts, etc. WILL NOT REMOVE APPLE ID – ICLOUD. Factory reset is done if you have access to the settings, and does the same thing. resets the phone to factory settings.

You can also try ReiBoot to reset Factory Reset iPhone 6s/ 6s plus, 6/6 plus/5/5c/5s.1 click only. Try it now: Besides factory reset, ReiBoot also can
fix iPhone/iPad stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode/bootloop/White apple logo, etc.

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What is Activation Lock (apple lock/ iCloud lock)?

Check Activation Lock (Apple / iCloud lock) status instructions:

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  1. i have a question cause i haven't use my iPhone five and I don't remember my password and restore it again but the problem is my old account still there and it needs to have a password and as I told you I don't remember it anymore do you have any suggestion?

  2. How do I hard reset when I don’t know the pass word for the account , my dumb ass made an invalid Apple ID I think when I was younger and I can’t remove it

  3. Good day, Sir.
    I'm trying to restore an old bricked 5C I bought cheap on Kijiji, (Lost Apple ID and Password .. and broken screen). It keeps asking for Apple ID to restore, witch is useless to me at this point and this method doesn't seem to work properly.

    Is there a way to restore this phone to factory defaults settings without ANY computer ? This iPhone does not have SMI card as well.

    Thank you for your help. It would be greatly appreciated. Best regards and have a great day !

  4. Thank you for simplifying this. I inherited a phone in mint condition from my sister who passed away, and I wanted to use it as a keepsake, of sorts. It seemed a shame to recycle it because it is like new.

  5. Very easy to understand. Thank you. For my 5C, i actually just needed to hold in the home button rather than both the home and power button. It worked the same.


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