Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theatre, Full Multi-Angle Show, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland


Join the story of Princess and Queen Elsa in this theatrical interpretation! Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theater is nearly an hour long show at Disney California Adventure Park; during the show, you’ll see some of your favorite characters, including Anna, Elsa and Olaf. (4:11) The Broadway-quality show is a musical featuring colorful costumes, elaborate sets and impressive special effects. You’ll be immersed into the world of Frozen!

In Frozen – Live at the Hyperion Theater, you’ll sing along to famous songs from the Disney film, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (7:42), “For the First Time in Forever” (12:45), “Love is an Open Door” (23:30) and the infamous “Let It Go” (29:11).

At (33:45) we meet Kristoff, who serenades his reindeer Sven with the tune “Reindeers are Better than People.” Anna encounters Sven and Kristoff, where they agree to take her up the North Mountain. As they begin their journey, the trio faces a pack of dangerous wolves that chase after them! (37:06) After a fall, Kristoff, Sven and Anna meet Olaf the Snowman; he sings about his favorite season “In Summer.” (39:12)

Meanwhile, back at Arendelle, Prince Hans is up to no good. (41:34) Anna and Elsa re-unite at Elsa’s Ice Palace, while explaining to her about the situation back in Arendelle. (43:40)

Kristoff introduces Anna to his family, who’s going to help heal Anna’s frozen heart. (47:36) The family tells her about how Kristoff is a “Fixer Upper.” (48:27) After a rousing climax, the show ends with a spirited reprise of “Love is an Open Door.” (1:01:30)

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  1. Why is Taylor Boldt (who plays Hans) so handsome? Like COME ON, I hate that character but handsome fictionals villains with dark hair are my type :') He's hands down my favourite performer in this (with the guy who plays Olaf, but I don't think I even need to say it). Also, Anna being socially awkward after being locked up is everybody after lockdown, you can't change my mind.


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