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As a child, Hans Zimmer took two weeks of piano lessons. That’s it. Since then, the Academy Award winner has scored over 150 films, from Sherlock Holmes to The Lion King. A master of creating character themes, Hans knows how to collaborate with directors, musicians and editors; develop a tempo to provide rhythm to a film of any genre; and compose the score before even seeing the film.

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In his MasterClass, Hans Zimmer sheds light on how he found his voice, to help you find yours. He’ll teach you the rules of film scoring – and how to break them. How to collaborate with filmmakers and musicians. How to refine themes and score full-length films or shorts. By the end, you’ll have the tools he uses on his projects, to use on your own.

From collaborating to scoring, Hans teaches you how to tell a story with music in 31 exclusive video lessons, including:

• Themes
• Story
• Directors
• Sound Palettes
• Creating with Synths
• Scoring to Picture
• Scoring Under Dialogue
• Tempo
• Character
• Working with Musicians
• Feedback & Revisions
• Audience Feedback
• Learning by Listening

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  1. "You can make award winning scores on an ipad" He must have his iPad stashed in there somewhere amongst the millions of $ worth of equipment, samples, and the personal orchestra.

  2. You could literally make better music with just these 100%
    Focusrite interface
    One descent mic
    Good laptop /pc
    Beyerdynamic dt 770 Pro headphones
    Some midi keyboard
    Your creative mind
    And some descent samples /vst

    Lol in your bedroom of course

  3. Really weird question, but at 1:31, Hans is using some sort of slider to change the velocity or volume mid note. Can someone tell me what that slider is called? And is there a way to use that slider in garadgeband? Weird question, but I really need that slider so I can control my horns velocity.

  4. If I had written and directed the DCEU (though in this world, if I had done it with the man Zackary Edward Snyder himself), then Hans Zimmer is a MUST


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