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An injured stranger finds a terrible secret on his rescuer’s property.

DEMON by Caleb Slain

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More About “DEMON” : Out of the night Marco will emerge, beaten and bloody, upon a desert homestead. His rescuer will be a kind man. This man will have a secret.

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  1. Jenny Azucena Álvarez Suárez · Edit

    Did anyone noticed the cross ? At the end of the film in the Bill,s cabin entry? Maybe Bill was a God Man. And the woman was the demon. IT would explain how Bill can hold the demon in the wooden shed

  2. This is by far my favorite film showcased on this channel this year. Also guys don’t be a captain save a hoe, you never know the type of demon you might unleash.

  3. It looks very cool, but many of the lines are difficult to make out. Me and other non-native speakers would really appreciate it if you add subtitles. Thanks.

  4. So my guess is the main guy is actually dead and he's in purgatory and this was all a test which I'm guessing he failed. Homie should have kept going

  5. Does someone know what dialect Bill speaks? Sounds pretty interesting. I could listen to him for hours … He sounds a bit like a fairy-tale-pedlar

  6. I could've gone for another 25 minutes of this. Very well done. I think ALTER & director Robert Singer need to get together and finish this one… That would be awesome!
    Nice work ALTER👌

  7. So now I'm thinking Bill is a demon and she is as Bill said, a cannibalistic demon, that's why she got Bill so quick and left the other dude alone….

  8. What if they're all living their own personal hell but, with each other and they don't realize it. Somehow each of their stories intertwined by some means or reason. Or, I'm really tired and better watch it again 2morrow

  9. It would appear YT is crediting me with other people's comments.
    If you happen to find your comment with my name above it, please, call YT to account!

  10. From Bill's narrative regarding world war 2 , vietnam and josef mengele, i think he was implying that Man is also a demon. Equipped with the savageness and the cruelty that anyone has, it just needs a trigger and a situation to unleash all those evils from his human nature. Man is evil.
    In this short, the only "demon" is man (especially with what unspeakable acts our mc might have done)


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