How to fix ERROR 4013 for data recovery iPhone 7 and up! EASY!


TOOLS USED (USE THE Federico5 Discount code!) …


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  1. I almost lost my job when my daughter deleted all my consignment data, not untill I luckily met this genius #Hackzone21 on Instagram, who in less than 40 min recovered all my deleted data, check him out

  2. after downloading the file and trying to update , i am getting a message " The iPhone "iPhone could not update because the firmware file is nit compatible." ( whats the solution ???) please help!!

  3. A quick tip to get the device firmware name at least. Links provided don't work.

    Google that bitch after and hopefully download from somewhere else.

    So, when you click on your device's link and get taken to the web form of a 'house of mirrors' take a look at the address bar.

    At the end of the URL back to the first backspace.



    No idea if the method still works but if you wanna try you maybe able to get the firmware now.

  4. Hi Federico,

    I need your help on how to fix error code 4013 on my iphone x. I have tried using the ipsw but still not working, getting the same code again.

  5. Holly crap thank you so much the software really just unlocked the phone from recovery mode i thought it was a motherboard issue 4013 but it just got my phone out of recovery mode that's amazing. It was a cracked screen iphone x so i didn't bother to fix it and just got a new phone. But having all my data back is awesome

  6. Can anyone confirm if this still works? My clients data is very important and I don’t want to try anything with software until I know it’ll work. iPhone 7 with short on baseband chip


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