How To Fix No Service On iPhone 6?


Have you came through ‘no service’ on your iPhone 6? There are external and internal causes for ‘no service’ problem, which means no one-size-fits-all solution …


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  1. 356 dislikes and all these retarded comments from people that thought this was going to be a switch in the settings. lmao, get a new phone or get it fixed by someone else. These videos are to help other people fixing phones and it's hilarious people press the dislike button because it's too hard for them.

  2. Really appreciate you and everyone who puts in so much effort and time and energy to do something like this definitely deserve more reconition and the pay that you all get

  3. 99% of repair centers will no have the competence to complete this work and if they do the margine of errors is around 90% so forget this solution is you want apply by yourself and if you want send them phone (this is my idea based on true nanosoldering reality)


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