How to Remove a Facebook Virus


Facebook Viruses suck. Here’s how to remove a Facebook Virus. Take our FREE classes at


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  1. When I deleted messenger from my smartphone, it also deleted all my contacts! And now I get all kinds of spam on my phone too. yes, just by deleting messenger.

  2. Hello, i have a problem, someone is logging in my accouny and posts fake nike deals,i changed my password, activated 2FA,removed all authorized logins,but he still pops in my connected devices,and i forgot mention i disconnect him every damn minute. Pls help its sooo frustrating.

  3. I deleted the app, installed it again and it detected a randomizes user and told me to change my password so I did and I think I’m good, but I’ll do it on my laptop when ever I get it back just incase

  4. my Facebook virus did not show up on my page but altered how my pages look all my pictures are xray and the colors are all wrong I have tried to change them but it makes no difference. HELP!

  5. I have over 1200 friend request in less than a week in my church's facebook acc in just a few days n not sure what could b…have my personal facebook acc too on my phone n it is normal…cant see any app suspicious, runs the malwarebite n kaspersky in my phone n it is clean, could b installed in another device the virus like the pc? But is weird for sure this n now cant accept any request because not sure which one is real, most of the have "friends in common" pls help!

  6. Please help me, I watched your video, I did what you said, thought it was taken care of…no it w asent, I keep getting a post (from me), it tags friends, sometimes 1, sometimes 40!! It is from ray ban, I can't seem to ever get a place where I can report it to Facebook. All I get is either save, stop notifications and copy, please what do I do?


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