How To Split Screen Multitask On iOS! (iOS 13 / iOS 12)


Jailbreak iPhone 5S – iPhone X Here: Jailbreak iPhone XR – iPhone 11 Here: …


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  1. So basically i had a samsung galaxy,
    But now i switched to iphone11. 😑.
    I see nothing amazing accept from the camera and quick uses.
    Samsung is slightly better i have to say.

  2. Thanks for a great video.

    Does the battery drain fast?
    On older models. I have iphone 6S

    It has done on mine since version 10. The compatibility has been neglected. Is it still neglected?

  3. I have had iPhones in the past and switched to galaxy, most recently ans7 edge. I swear the 11 I use now is a downgrade. Jailbreak it to multitask , no back button, Siri can’t understand you if even the most minimal background noise. Normal people won’t be jail breaking their iPhone 11 that probably isn’t even paid for yet. Etc etc…….


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