How to switch from iPhone to Android


It can be a stressful experience switching from an old phone to a new one especially when you move from an iPhone to an Android phone. In recent years …


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  1. Please tell us other ways to transfer your data to a new Android phone in case Patrick didn't cover it. Also watch last weeks video how to use AirDrop and as always we're open to suggestions.

  2. Great video! Your humor is so cute. I really enjoyed it. What about NOTES? is there a way to transfer them from an iOS device to Android besides emailing them one by one? I was hoping you'd specifically mention that.

  3. Great vid. Almost persuaded me to watch Roadhouse 🙂 But not quite. 😂Does the widget thing come with the Google Pixel? And if you use that do I not need to do the Google Drive stage at all?

  4. Ive 2 iphones Im thinking of switching to an Android I got for free !!

    Phone number 1 is for my elderly mother who is sick of forgetting her istores password for downloading apps, like say, google drive
    Phone number 2 is my phone which for some bizarre reason it keeps losing memory space so I have to delete off apps so therefore cannot download any apps, like say, google drive app.

    I feel my best option is to smash both phones with a hammer. It may not transfer the data to the android but itll sure feel good.

  5. I use google photos already on my iPhone lol and I pay for storage space for google already. Didn’t realize the switch would be this easy, I’m going to buy the pixel 4a for sure

  6. Dumb question, but will this transfer over iTunes playlists, or just the songs themselves? Also, what about movies, tv series and music video’s with the drm removed? I have a couple hundred smart and non smart playlists made up of over 11,000 songs. I also have in my iTunes library 72 movies, 18 tv series, and 172 music video’s. So the capacity limit of 512 gb on an iPhone no longer cuts it for me, I need that 1Tb capacity. I really am sick of apples ecosystem and limited iPhone capacity but do not want to waste a month of my life, reorganising about 580 odd gb of data and playlist info etc. Am I trapped in the Hel of apple ecosystem, or does meticulously maintained metadata and playlist info copy over? I know, I know, we are all supposed to just rent songs per month etc, but I own my smegging music from cd’s etc though some is from iTunes. TIA.

  7. Thanks for this! Finally made the switch to note 20 ultra! I couldn't take another year with a notch -especially if the leaks are true with the iPhone 12 pro max. Maybe next year Apple, please get rid of that ugly notch!

  8. "Doo-hickey". What a great presentation style and personality. Love the humor! Thank you!! And invaluable info as well. Fantastic on all levels. Thanks for posting!

  9. really good video!! i usually never watch videos in this genre but i really appreciate the production. you made very high quality content, i enjoyed it and it helped me out


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