How to Transfer LINE Chats from iPhone to Android


In this video guide, I will demonstrate a quick way to transfer Line chats and media from iPhone to any Android device. For step-by-step instructions and to get …


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  1. Hi Nick, I have paid for the app and done all the steps in the instructions, however, my Appclone won't backup to Google Drive for me. It keeps "checking info" then "couldn't connect to your Google Account" all the time. I've tried forced close the app several times but no luck. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I could copy all the data to my android phone and it is running in appclone and showing all the messages, however when I tap on "Back up to Google Drive", I get "Error: An unknown error occurred."

    Can you please help me? I paid for the app

  3. Hey guys, Is that still work now?

    my Line version 10.12.1, but have no Import chat history in Chats/someone/Chat settings.

    now i can only import textonly history in More/Settings/General settings/Chats.

    Is that means you can import someone history alone before, but all now?

    In fact i care more how to transfer chat history including photo.

    As you know photo will be deleted in Line servers a few days later, but no time limited in Keep or Albums.

    If you once click to enlarge when the photo available, it will store in the phone local storage.

    If you not, you can`t enlarge it anymore, but you still have a small size preview.

    If your methods still works, can it transfer enlarge photo?

  4. Chaithawat Chueluecha · Edit

    hello nick i have some problem
    I have back up message from iphone into my computer, they were extracted into winzip file
    but in backuptrans app local database part didn't show any back up file like the link in your description, please help me

  5. Hey guys, due to recent LINE app update, you need to follow some extra steps apart from the steps mentioned in the video. Kindly refer to the link posted in the description of this video. I tried this
    on 10 Feb 2020 and the app is still working. Please confirm.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Just successfully moved chat history from iphone to android with this software. Got help from the backuptrans support team a couple times, but in the end everything made it over and they were quite helpful

  7. Hai Nick, thanks for the video. I have problem when loading data from iPhone. Everytime the progress reach 99% (the "loading data from iTunes backup" ), the program crash and not responding. Can you help me? Hope you still responding thanks

  8. I wonder if there’s any way to restore the chat history without the android? I lost my phone but I backed up everything I need beforehand….

    Please help,

  9. Hi. I have the same problem like Yoseph W. I followed the video step by step and when I try to import chat history there's only export chat history appear on my line chat setting. (I copied the multiple zip files into android) Please help me..

  10. Hi Nick, i have problem on restoring the chat on Android.
    i have downloaded the Old Version 8.19.2, and try to restore chat history, but the chat history not found.
    any advice?

    thank you


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