How to transfer WhatsApp message from Android to iPhone 2020 (3 ways)


Learn 3 ways to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone and vice versa in this tutorial!! Transfer with 1-click:

1:05 → Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp messages via Wondershare MobileTrans
Step 1: Download MobileTrans for your operating system and install it.
Step 2: Click on WhatsApp transfer.
Step 3: Connect both your Android device and iOS device to your PC.
Step 4: Select whether to keep the existing WhatsApp data on target phone.
Step 5: Your WhatsApp data will be transferred from Android device to iPhone in a few seconds!

3:28 → Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp messages via changing account features
Step 1: Remove your SIM card from iPhone.
Step 2: Insert a new SIM card.
Step 3: Launch WhatsApp
Step 4: Setting→account→change number.
Step 5: Enter new code and all your information will be transferred.

4:20 → Method 3: Transfer WhatsApp messages via E-mail
Step 1: Open the conversation you want to backup in WhatsApp.
Step 2: Tap on More→Export Chat→Gmail/Outlook→Send E-mail
*By this way, you can’t view messages in WhatsApp

Hope you guys enjoy this video!
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  1. I can able to see the backup of 2GB from source (andriod). perhaps i cannot able to restore to my iphone 12. it shows complete and iphone get restart and no chat messages are transferred.

  2. Hi, what if i cancelled the transferring of whatsapp data to my iphone? But android whatsapp backup in the computer was successfully stored. Will i be able to restore it next time to my iphone?

    I cancelled because when it was in the process of backup target device it was taking too long to complete. Hope for a response. Thanks

  3. this is so stupid you have to pay 30 bucks actually and they wait last second to mention that when you connect everything what a useless app does such small service

  4. I bought the whatsapp transfer, you can add 5 devices on it. Still have 2 devices left, anyone interested to split the cost?
    At first I was a bit scared and I was already giving up I had to lose my data but it worked for me!

  5. UPDATE DO NOT DOWNLOAD. since I’ve used this software my personal data has been breached. Emails hacked…. passwords attempted to be changed. I DO NOT THINK THIS IS A COINCIDENCE

  6. I feel like this tutorial could be vastly improved upon. It's basically just showing how to follow the instructions on the screen. But what about if the Phones fail to connect? Do I need to download Itunes on my PC before this works? Should I already Install Whatsapp on the destination Phone? Do I need to keep my SimCard in my old phone or already transfer it to my new phone "ie transfer the number" to the Whatsapp account on the new phone?


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