How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Any Android to iPhone X


This quick video guide will show you how to transfer WhatsApp chats from any Android device to iPhone X after switching from Android to iPhone X. More details and the tool demonstrated in the video can be found here:

As you may already know, WhatsApp messenger doesn’t allow you to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone X. So in this video tutorial I will show you an easy way copy WhatsApp messages and the WhatsApp media files from Android to iPhone with the help of a computer program. Apart from the iPhone X, it also works with the other iPhone’s running iOS 6 or later.

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  1. Hey guys, lots of viewers are asking if this app works with the latest iPhone's like iPhone XS/XR/XS Max or newly launched iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. Well, I tried it with my new iPhone 11 Pro, and everything went well. Just follow the tutorial I mentioned in the video description and you're good to go!

  2. Does anyone know how many times you have to type a verification code for Whatsapp? I tried a different software to convert my whatsapp messages from android to ios but that didn't work (yet). With that app i needed to activate my whatsapp over and over again because it didn't work. Now, if i want to activate whatsapp again I have to wait 4 hours for a new verification code. I'm afraid that when I try it with this app, it will fail again and then i will be offline for 8 hours. Can anyone help me?? How many times did you have to put in a verification code on your old AND new phone before it worked??

  3. It definitely works. I paid 1623 INR but it's worth if you want your messages.
    Please be advised that the images and videos might not work, but most importantly your complete chat will be there. It took me like 4 hours easily and some failed attempts as well.
    The support email provided by this software is also good. They help you out via email. You have to be specific and one should know the basics well of the computer and software stuff. It's not that easy as it seems at least all the time.
    Conclusion: everyone around me said its impossible. IT'S POSSIBLE !!😊
    I'm super happy
    Thank you!!

  4. Awesome !!!
    It didn't take me no where near to 5 minutes like in the video, more about 2 hours total, but thank god, i'm so glad this saga is over and behind me, after endless lies and scams surrounding this specific subject.

    For anyone looking for a free solution – you'll not find one buddy. I spent hours upon hours, and only got sunk deeper and deeper into the scammers maze.
    This program costs 20$, an affordable price to ANYONE who switched to iphone… unlike the other programs like AnyTrans or which go around 70$ and are reported to be full of bad errors and poor support.

    The BackupTrans site is clearly not made by scammers, you can see the guys really invested time and thought in it, with very nice supportive arc.
    The program itself do the job, even if slowly – you'll be so glad when it is over. It's kind of a one time trade, at least for a few good years… the license is lifetime by the way.

  5. Guys…this is legit. This is the best video on YouTube for this particular issue. Worked perfectly for me when I had to port my WhatsApp data to my XS.

    Please note:

    BACKUP ON GOOGLE DRIVE and local phone storage . Very, Very important. Because the android bit of this transfer process is a bit problematic initially, as I had one failed attempt and had to reload my data from local storage on the phone. But once that’s done, transfer goes smoothly.


    FINALLY, PAY THE $20. It’s worth it. It’s not a scam and you get the codes sent in email and they stay safe for use in the future.

  6. Shabazz Boukary-Martinson · Edit

    Hello guys. I need help urgently. So I followed the entire process and got to the very last part where it asked me if I wanted to merge on my Iphone. I stupidly hit the wrong option and it did not work. How can I go back to that very last part so I can complete the process. Thanks.

  7. Need help plz plz. Already transferred everything to the computer was at the last stage. Transferring all data to my iPhone and windows just shut the programme. I can’t even install it back

  8. This sh*t doesn't work. I've been trying to transfer my Whatsapp chats from Galaxy S8 tô iPhone XR for a week, and it always get stucked in some file or the software freeze before I can save the backup at the computer.

  9. The program is not able to detect my iphone X, it keeps telling me that I have to deactivate the backup on icloud and I did it but it continues to ask for the same thing.

  10. I have a personal paid version for the application Backuptrans WhatsApp Android to iPhone Transfer “How to Transfer WhatsApp Conversations from Android to iPhone”
    I have an offer of 9€ per person for two person first come first serve.
    Please conatct me in my email at

  11. Hurrah! I can't express my excitement when my Whatsapp Chat History is successfully transferred into new IPhone from my Andriod (One Plus Three)
    Undoubtedly, Backuptrans is a phenomenal Software for transferring Whatsapp Messages from Andriod to IPhone. Brilliantly developed and well thought out.
    More than BackupTrans, I'm very impressed with the support provided me through email and TeamViewer whenever any technical difficulties raised during the transfer process.
    The Application support team guys are so friendly and prompt in resolving the queries round the clock .
    I would strongly recommend BackupTrans software for those who wants to transfer Whatsapp Chat History Android to IOS
    Once again a Big Thanks to BackupTrans Team.

  12. i try to copy huwai to i phone 6s .but again and again showing error – now pls uninstall current whatsapp messenger from your phone -many more time i try it..but i can't—can u pls anyone tell me the solution.

  13. kindly follow the instructions as per the video and you will definitely be able to restore your whole backup as it is (if you purchase the licence key for the application). This is by far the best app available for Android – Iphone Whatsapp transfer.
    Thanks a lot mate for the video.


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