Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs iPhone XS Max – Speed Test!


Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test. 7nm vs 7nm War. A full comparison of ultimate speed between the Mate 20 pro vs iPhone XS Max including apps opening, browsing, multitasking and more.

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  1. We seek quality not the distinction of price… Buy at expensive price if haven't good quality is still nothing… So most worthy is HUAWEI… Sorry IPHONE… not interested!!! I already thrown my iPhone into dustbin… 😊😊😊
    Previously I'm Iphone user… But now I'm gladly change to Huawei as the best…

  2. The mate 20 pro is better sd card slot for extra space up to 1TB better camera better picture with true 4K QLED faster face ID fingerprint is better and best of all its android more freedom with your software unlike apple with its restrictions with ios and having to upgrade your phone after 5 to 6 main updates because its slows your phone down and the fact they add 2 to 3 new things with every phone they bring that's been on other android phones in the past so do the math the mate 20 pro is the better phone

  3. ok, so basically ur getting an instant like from me because the title is english and the video itself is ACTUALLY IN ENGLISH AND NOT FUCKING POLISH OR SPANISH

  4. Huawei mate 20 pro vs Apple iPhone XS Max
    Similar performance
    But once people remember that iPhone XS Max costs about 500 dollars more, iPhone users don't dare comment on this video.


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