i phone 5s u2 ic changing tutorial



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  1. Explanation as you were fixing the device would be useful and overall OK video. Re balling not applied? It did look like a quick job as often I have seen customers coming back from a previous fix due to work being rushed. Mobile phone repair shops are the biggest culprits!

  2. You can get this repair service in India by clicking below link or call directly on +91 9334 077770

  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1610A1-U2-USB-Charging-IC-1610-FOR-iPhone-5C-5S-IC-chip-BGA-36-pin-not-charging/111777818330?epid=1238142770&hash=item1a067a26da:g:-3sAAOSwI-BWPQyi

  4. i changed it but the phone isnt turning on, it got stucked on apple logo. I tryed 2 differents u2 ic from other boards but same issue. any tips? please help

  5. i have an iphone 5s dead, it does not charge or power on, i tried a fully charged battery and no difference whatsoever, do you think power ic broken or u2 ic?

  6. Zöld-Alma mobil szerviz és webshop · Edit

    Hello can you help me please, i have an 5C and 6, the problem was not charging, i did replace a new U2 / U1700 ic, now the phone shows its charge but not increase percentage. Im not a starter, i made this skill many times, but now i dont know what to do…On logic board not damaged, already check.

    Many thanks!

  7. hello my name is Claudia a long time I have this problem on my iphone 5s and seeing your video is realized that the parent can give me some instructions for me to make the switch here in Brazil there thousands of people with this problem and nobody knows pack ? I live in the city of sao paulo parabens by video expect a thank resposra now.

  8. MR i have a LG Nexus 4 when the charge is 0% and you put a charger the phone don't take charge and the phone will never turn on but if u have a charged battery and you put your charger the battery take charge, do you think is charge circuit ? can you help me Please. Thx Teacher 🙂


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