iPhone 11: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?


Should you get an Apple iPhone 11 in Yellow, Red, Green, Black, White, or Purple? We go in-depth on all the iPhone 11 colors and show you how they look in different lighting conditions! This is an iPhone 11 all colors comparison of the Yellow vs Purple vs Green vs White vs Black vs Red! Comment what iPhone 11 Color you like the best!

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  1. im stuck between the white and the purple. its like on one hand, the white is a safe option and it goes fine with everything, but on the other hand the purple is so COOL but im just worried i'll get bored of it and end up hating it lmao

  2. I swear I get high anxiety over stupid stuff like this and it took me a whole year to see what color I wanted I just got my iPhone 11 today (I got red)

  3. I always go for black it's just so much cooler than all the other colours. White is my second favourite and would deffinately go back to it again someday.

  4. I never imagined breaking the back glass until I did it I think in Vegas a few weeks ago. Didn't find out until a week later when I removed my case. SMH I was already in the market for a newer iPhone. I have the Coral iPhone 10R now. Hated that color but it was a gift. Strangers loved it. Purple is my fave color but I think I'll definitely go with Black because I ABSOLUTELY NEED a phone case and Black goes with more of the cute designs I like. Thanks for this. 🙂

  5. Me : purple color is so relax
    My friends : get the black or white colors please
    My head : yes i should get purple but the black so elegant
    Me : no need to listen others huhu
    Finally i bought ……

  6. Its just that white and black always looks classy no matter what , we can never go wrong with these shades
    But then other colors we might regret buying them for the years we keep em right 😂

  7. When the 11 first came out I wanted the green, but my best friend got the green, so I decided I wanted the purple. I ended up getting the black because I feel like it’s more versatile.


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