iPhone 11 Pro Gold Unboxing!


iPhone 11 Pro Gold Unboxing! Let’s unwrap and take a look at the base 64GB Gold Apple iPhone 11 that features a 5.8 inch XDR super retina display, triple 12MP camera, Apple A13 bionic, and 4GB of ram. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, feedback, and enjoy the video.

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  1. iPhone 11 Pro Gold Unboxing! In this video we take the wraps off the gold iPhone 11 pro gold 64GB! Share your thoughts on this one and what questions you might have and enjoy the video 😉

  2. is the I phone 11 pro gold also available in glossy so that it shines on the back because yours is matt on the back? I hope it is also available in glossy

  3. I hate the pro max but I love the prooo 😍 this phone will run 🏃‍♂️ you $1000 for 64gb and $1149 for 256gb also I wish I could remove the 9 from the $1149 dollars bc I kinda broke but I’m saving up for this phone and also I pray every day and night that I will get this phone for Christmas 2020

  4. The only flaw i feel gold colour has is that the apple logo is not as dark coloured as space gray and it is not clearly visible in certain lighting conditions

  5. Finally getting my hands on this baby in gold I’m fully happy I’m finally getting this phone to partner up with my iPhone XS gold and Apple Watch series 5 and iPad Air 2019


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