iPhone 11 unboxing and initial review!!(Product RED)


The all new iPhone 11 is available now for purchase and this time the pricing is a bit better than the iPhone XR. There are plenty of colour choices available for the iPhone 11 and we got the product RED version.
Incase you are confused on whether to buy this phone this is our unboxing and initial review video but we do have an answer for this question.
So do watch before buying one.

Cameras used for filming
Canon 200 D:
Go Pro Hero 7:

Mic used for recording:
Blue Yeti:

Phones I use:

Phone Case I use:

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  1. Thank u for English review because I have been living in America from birth so I don't know much hindi but my parents taught me some 👍😊.
    But then also I didn't knew much 😂.
    I know National song 😃.
    And some Hindi words 🙏🎉.
    So thank u for English talk
    Because everyone else were in hindi and I was searching for an indian reviewer 🙏


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