IPHONE 11 | Which COLOR is BEST for you? | ACTUAL COLOR | Jen VLOG


iPhone 11 comes in 6 colours;
– red
– white
– purple
– black
– yellow
– green

Comment down below for your favorite color of iPhone 11

You can find them in Alpha Store showrooms

See me on Google Maps!

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  1. I’am really SORRY Guys for the STORAGE that i have mentioned in my video. Its not 512gb.. The correct one is 64gb, 128gb and 256gb. Hope you understand😥.. Thank you!

  2. can yall please help me decide cuz im having a hard time
    mint/teal black or purple/lavender
    mint/teal like
    black/purple (type which one) comment
    i would appreciate it! <3

  3. me: omg red looks awesome

    other me: omfg purple one is so cute

    other other me : wtf green is pretty adorable.

    I cant decide. what am i gonna do ?????? HELP!!!

  4. i rlly want the purple but my dad is making me get the red which is my probs least favourite colour. i sound spoilt but i’m rlly not i just want a phone to reflect my personality and red is definitely not it

  5. All are looks nice and same only the different is the colors of them and it’s depends to anybody what the color they want 😍 and for me i choose the black one because it’s fit for any color casing and i have the black color..


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