iPhone 12/12 Pro Quick Tip! Screen Recording!


Got your new iPhone and want to record your screen? I’m here to help!
To record your screen you need to add the shortcut to your control center.

To do this:
-Go to Settings
-Select Control Center
-Find the Screen Recording option and press + to add to your Control Center
-Use the 3 lines next to each item to move where you want the icon in your Control Center.
-You’re all set!

To make a screen recording without audio, simply pull down from the top right and select the new Screen recording icon – it will count down from 3 and you are now recording!

To make a screen recording using the microphone, pull down from the top right and hold down briefly on the screen recording icon. You should then see a microphone icon, tap to turn it on – then tap Start recording.

When you want to stop recording, either pull down from the top right and select the screen recording icon OR tap the clock which should be in red and select “stop”

You will then get a popup telling you it is saved to your camera roll. Tap to go there and you can now send the clip, edit the clip or delete the clip.

This applies to all other iPhone’s also!
Hope this helped!

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