iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Repair in 3 minutes


HERE are the tools I bought on Amazon: Black iPhone 5c Screens are HERE: 5c Home button Ribbon Cable on …


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  1. Maybe someone can help? Caught the corner of my iphone 5c with a dumbbell in the gym. Bounced off at a crazy angle as phone was safely tucked away. Has a leather case, but it now has stripes down the screen. Seems to still be ‘working’ as it vibrates (it’s on silent) indicating texts are being received and alarm still goes off. Will a new screen sort this?

  2. What if the external screen isnt cracked, its just that there are cracks INSIDE the screen with green, blue, white and grey lines? Will this still work? Hopefully i get a response from a video made almost 7 years ago!

  3. old video i know, but nicely done. unfortunately your links for parts are out of date. although i took something that was undecernable from other products on the net (i.e.high quality replacement screen with 'small parts, including tools', my replacement did not come with a home button. the only bummer is that the transfer of the old is difficult due to the silicone boot that seals the button from dust has its edges laminated between the glass and lcd membrane. hence if one purchases the replacement without a home button installed……good luck, right?

  4. Wait…. do u have to restart your phone…???? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS…. i feel like I’m back in school and I wasn’t paying attention to the DT the teacher…. I was busy fucking around with my friends and listening to music at the back of the room 😂

  5. PLEASE HELP! I recently purchased a screen replacement for my 5c(only LCD included), I followed all the steps YouTube had to offer but white lines appear and gets more promenant when I plug the charger in, also the screen display is on the right side of the screen and the touch screen response hardly works, if you know what is going please comment away, maybe the seller scammed me or I did a crappy job replacing it.

  6. Hey Jerry,

    The link for the replacement screens broke. Do you still have a link or know where to get the screen?
    Thanks in advance! love the videos!

  7. Hi,
    I haven't used your link cause it seems a US shop and probably I'll end up spending more than buying it in Europe,
    I found cheap screens on Amazon without the button and the camera…
    can I easily use the old button and the old camera?
    However, I'm not sure how to do it and most important I'm not sure whether the camera is damaged or not (and should/shouldn't be replaced).
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  8. when i got my phone it does random things on it's own bit the little wire (lego bits idk) don't have a cover for it and i can't buy one , so everytime if i drop my phone and those bits detach i have to reattach em and sometimes the touchscreen won't work and when i get ot to work certain parts of the screen don't want to respond and i find this very frustrating, my brother gave me tus phone for $40 and he made it get a long crack in the corner and now the screen has a hoe where the front camera is. Today the front camera won't work even when it had the piece of screen not on it, it won't load, so i don't know what to do and i'm considering getting my money back and getting a new phone


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