iPhone 5c Screen Repair & Disassemble


High-quality iPhone 5c Screen Assembly: iPhone 5c Glass …


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  1. Learn how to fix your LCD and Screen all by yourself! This guide is easy to follow, and shows you step by step how to replace your iPhone 5c LCD and Screen safely!

  2. FS Mobile Phone Parts · Edit

    nice video,i bought a lcd for iphone 5c and repair tool . price is $9.5. this is website link https://www.famousupply.com/product/lcd-digitizer-frame-assembly-iphone-5c-black-repair-tools/

  3. I'm so confused so do the new screen already come with a new camera home button and speaker or do you have to use your old camera speaker and home button somebody explain

  4. hi, I have iPhone 5c and the display was not taking commands in the send area of a text message page. now, I replaced the screen and order for few minutes and started acting up again with the new display on. what can be the cause?


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