iPhone 6 dead – U2 tristar ic replacement


Iphone 6 dead from bad quality cheap chargers or car chargers or power bank. Symptoms : Dead – not charging , batterry drain fast , not recognized by pc , etc.


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  1. Alessandro Monkiedis · Edit

    What type of flux do you use? Because alot of flux is conductive and I know cleaning the residue under the bga is impossible so I always wonder if any shorts can happen under the chip with the residue

  2. Nanosoldering
    Could you please help me, I am totally new to all this stuff, anytime I try to perform the same step of your video from 06:00 to 07:50, my leaded solder stuck on the pins, creating bridges. is my leaded solder the problem, or my heat gun? could you also send me the name of the ones you use. cambronal.st@gamail.com. Thank you in advanced.

  3. I am going to replace my ic u2 charging chip on my iPhone 6 plus. Can you please give me step by step instructions on what you're doing in your video and give me a list of what tools and products I need to purchase to do the replacement?


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