iPhone 6 Error 9 Potential Fix


Error 9 update/restore fix. Please watch all the way through to avoid missing information.
I already had the phone in DFU mode the first time around, then when I removed the screen and reconnected, iTunes detected the iPhone in DFU mode. I kept the screen removed and this video shows the results.
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    Try Changing your usb lightning cable
    I am sure most of your errors will be removed and then restore with iTunes makes sure the cable has no bent or turns because also it may
    Show you error 9

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  3. Tore apart my iphone 6s plus and disconnected everything and tried a millions times. After i took a second look i realized i disconnected everything besides the camera and once I disconnected that and retried to restore it, it worked lol. Woo woooooo!

  4. i have a iphone xr and apple have diagnosed it for me and have said the charging port is one of the most common reasons for error 9 so replaced the charging port and flex and it worked

  5. Disconnecting camera worked for me as well on 1 iphone 6s but not on another I have which I think may be occurring due to a broken power button


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