iPhone 6S – No Backlight for No Reason? FIXED!


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  1. hey you areally a master in those repairs!!! i've also same back light not working on the 6s therefore i would like to try my own the repair what is the air solder temperature you use?


  2. Hey can anyone help me? I was just at nigh repairing my phone and I used the front camera, then the white flash came up and then the phone shut down. It didn’t really shut down, the screen didn’t work. I tried another screen and that didn’t work. I tried another battery, but the flat battery symbol only came up. After charging, the screen goes blank. I think it was a screen I bought from bee fix. As soon and I plugged the battery in, something started to spark on the phone

  3. Hi, hope someone can help me. I have an iPhone 8 with backlight issue and a donor iPhone 8 board (intel). 35, 37 and 39 are normal value on J5700. R5733, R5734 and R5735 are good. D5661 and D5660 are ok. All backlight capacitors are normal.

    Just in case I have swapped R5733, R5734, R5735, D5661, D5660 and U5660. The donor working fine with those parts that I have taken out from the other one but the phone still has backlight issue with the donor's parts.

    Any idea, please?

  4. I have the same problem on my iPhone 6s, but sad to say i don’t have the equipment needed, so i decided to remove the caps, coil and diode using a Nail Nipper. And now i’m waiting for someone who can solder it, parts is ready i got it from AliExpress. Would you help me? I’m from Philippines. Hope you will notify this thing. HAND

  5. Yo so I got this iPhone 6s, and the problem is that when I turn up the brightness, the backlight goes out.So then I turn the brightness all the way down, reset it, turn it back on, put it to sleep and then wake it again and then finally the backlight stays on, as long as I don’t turn up the brightness. Do you have any idea as to why this might be? Or does anyone? Appreciate it!

  6. sir i bought the same microscope camera as yours, but i need a camera adapter or a mount to attach it to the amscope microscope, would you please help me?

  7. Hello, I'm with an iPhone 6s with the following defect; when it turns on the Apple logo appears apple and erases only getting the backligth on, when it updates it from error 6. Do you know what can be happening?

  8. I like your workbench with the BIG screen that shows all schematic. It awesome. The question is: how did you get all those schematic. Apple don’t provide them. They like to control everything. They don’t want to share the repair business.

  9. My first 6s had a microphone problem. In fact, it was not exactly the microphone but a deeper problem. People at the other end had trouble to understand because as I was talking the sound kind of fading away. It’s like while taking I occasionally put my hand between the mic and my mouth and remove it.

  10. Bhupendra Chourasiya · Edit

    Hey bro this is mohit and i want ask a question…..

    Can you repair my iphone 6s
    My phone has no image and no light…
    Please rply me fast and give me your contect number

  11. I have an iPhone 6s with a broken back light and I need someone to fix it so if you can contract me through here and work something out it would be great

  12. Γιώργος Ζαντίδης · Edit

    Hey Jason, i need your help. I replace the burned L4020, D4020, shorted C4023, i replace too U4020 and D4021. Still shit dude. Dafuq is going wrong. Filters of course its OK. Resistance on 3xTP its OK. Small coil checked – OK.

    My volume buttons stopped working so i decided to repair the phone my self. I have repaired iPhones before. Before i disassembled the phone i made sure that the phone was turned off and i removed the battery before i removed anything else. After replacing the volume button i put the screen back on to test the volume buttons however the screen didn't light up. eventually the screen lit up but every time i put the brightness up on my phone it goes extremely dim. is this a backlight problem or is it something else? please i need help . Thanks.

  14. I have been in the paintless dent removal for 18 years, i tragically lost my wife last year and started replacing iphone screens as well as samsungs,( trial and error just figured it out) . I watch your videos quiet frequently and would really like to excel in logic board repair. im raising my two kids on my own and would like to progress in micro soldering since i cant chase storms any longer because i have to raise my kids. Im very passionate about Apple products and was wondering if i could maybe chat with you , it would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!
    Todd Smith ( The Phone Guy )


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