iPhone 6s Video Review


The iPhone 6 was the almost-perfect smartphone. Does the 6s address the public’s remaining complaints? WSJ’s Joanna Stern finds out. Photo/video: Drew …


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  1. Isn't it true that wall street journal has the most sexual misconduct per employee in the nation???? I know I have seen this several times in my research.

  2. Sorry battery life is great on this device. I'm not sure how long a phone needs to last but this one goes all day with very heavy use on a charge.

  3. Live Photos are definately my favourite thing about the 6s. It's been like what more can any phones do now for a while then Live Photos come along. 4K video isn't really worth the extra space they take up. Live Photos can be turned to normal photos once taken if nothing happens in them.

  4. This review tried so hard to be creative, bit just ended up looking overly cheesy instead. When it comes to tech reviews, the little guys like The Verge, Endgadget and Gizmodo have the bigger journalism powerhouses beat.

  5. I don't know. The battery is perfectly fine for me for a normal day of use. I usually get about a day and a half of battery life without having to charge it. Compared to other phones I've used, it's not the worst by far. If you really use the battery that much you should probably buy a battery/case combo.

  6. Also, just don't use live photos all the time and don't record in 4K if you want to save space. Jeez it's like the fact that those are options are a bad thing. No one's forcing you to use it. It's cool to use every once in a while

  7. alright god damn batteries and as thin as phones when will they ever learn they put all this other technology in it and they keep forgetting about the battery damn lol


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