iPhone 7: Black or White? Matte Black vs Silver!


Should you get the iPhone 7 with a Black or White front? I go in depth with a color comparison of the new Apple Matte Black iPhone 7 and Silver iPhone 7!


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  1. The matte black finish is electroplated onto the aluminium body on ALL phones which means that it reveals a silver or ‘shiny’ coloured undercoat when it gets scuffed or scratched. Anyone with OCD or is extremely fussy will find this very disturbing as the tiny scuffs eventually build up and makes the phone look terrible in the long run. This was the mistake I made when buying a matte black 7+ even though it was in a soft casing since day 1. I’d suggest others to get a lighter colour especially if you plan on reselling the phone down the road or you can’t stand blemishes on your beloved phone. Plus, silver looks very classy IMO and you’ll only understand once you’ve used the phone in various situations and see the contrast between your surroundings and the phone in your hand.

  2. i have an android with full screen now and i always put my phone on the bed before turning the lights off. it's kinda hard to tell where you put it cause it's dark. i always have a hard time searching for my phone so i'm thinking of getting the silver one.

  3. im using black because its so sexy and beautiful 🖤 i do not like the white front because it can be easily seen broken (when its broken 😂) and it can be too shiny at the dark, which makes my eyes hurt. matte black plus ios 13 dark mode is a good sexy choice for me 🖤❤️🖤❤️

  4. I’m getting an iPhone 7 in a couple months and I really can’t decide between the silver and black. I always wanted a phone with white front but the black one looks so much sexier 😂😭

  5. I have the black iPhone 7 and if literally looks so much better in person IN MY OPINION also it’s a lot faster than the other colors due to my experience with all the colors . So in my opinion go for the black


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