iPhone 7 Jet Black Unboxing – Jet Black vs Matte Black


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  1. I dont like the Jet Black one cause the back of it looks like the back from iPhone 4,the glossy part,you can break it easy,and on the back your fingerprints stay,so if i needed to have that one i will wear a case and never take it of. I more prefer the matte one.

  2. you got two iPhone 7s?!?! I ordered my 128gb jet black on the 9th of september…and still havent got it, I will probably get it in 2-3 weeks -.-

  3. Dude , your videos are fuckin quality!
    Keep them coming.
    And I'm planning to upgrade my 6s to 7 Plus.
    What do you think about that?
    Maybe , I'm kinda confused.


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