iPhone 7 Matte Black vs Glossy Jet Black! Which is better?


Should you get the iPhone 7 in Jet Black or Matte Black? There are actually very good reasons why you’d get the Matte Black or Glossy Black. In this video, I go in depth with the Glossy Jet Black iPhone 7 and Matte Black iPhone 7.

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  1. Matt black

    Jet black gets white smudges if hands
    Plus jet black is so much scratch prone

    Even at the apple event
    It was declared that jet black is prone to scracth and smudges
    So consider using it with case.

    But if using case In jet black
    In only in a case
    Then why to buy jet black

    So consider buying Matt

    I won't say
    Or rose gold
    Because these three colours will make u feel like using 6s
    So best to consider
    Matt black with no doubt

    iPhone. 7
    Is still a beast phone
    In terms of quality
    Whether it's built
    Or performance

  2. I own the jet black and mine isn’t scratched but around the bottom audio holes some paint has come off but that’s all. Also, the jet black, if you don’t wear a case, and the back of the phone gets dirty easily but also cleans easily. But with a case it is almost exactly the same as having the matte black since you don’t see the back in a case 👍🏼

  3. My matte black iPhone 7’s paint keeps like chipping. I use a case and I know it’s such a first world problem but it annoys me😂 you’d expect with paying £549 that it wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve got patches on the back of my phone where the paint is no more, also couple of people that I know have the same colour and phone model and they even don’t wear a case and theirs are fine. Pissed off would be an understatement, be careful guys

  4. iPhone 6 and 6s I had earlier had a fungus problem, that is, the back of the iPhone started looking like as if it's rusted.
    I think JetBlack is the better option in that regard..

  5. Why are people always so picky about fingerprints?!!! They're unavoidable! If you touch your phone, you're going to get fingerprints! Get over it!

  6. Do you have the Comprising between the IPhone 7 Red and IPhone Jet/Matte Black? If Yes, please share the link to the Video…Love your breakdown details, Thanks.

  7. Hey DargadgetZ! Thanks for showing the phones up close. I am curious to know how the jet black has held up so far? I plan to get one as my matte black 7 plus has had its paint rub off at points where my fingers rest on the back. I am disappointed with the paint quality. I want to get a new colour this time and am leaning towards the jet black, BUT the scratch prone back of it scares me. Your inputs will be valuable.

  8. Hey! Great Video. Very informative and it really helped me in creating a list of questions to ask my Mum, Dad & Uncle looking to get a new phone. They have different personalities and needs in their everyday lives also their ability to maintain their electronic devices is greatly varied and this video helped me to identify physical features and other properties that might benefit one relation and be an issue to another relation especially when you mentioned the brightness of the Screen of the White IPhone when compared to the black one. Once again thank you.

  9. Matte black is better because of the scratch factor.

    Both look fantastic.

    The red iPhone looks beautiful. It would look better with a black front though.

  10. Hey bro! Has you matte black started to chip off around corners or lightning port? Quite many people claims their matte black 7 started peeling off on its own . Now I'm on 3days with my matte black and consider seriously returning for jet black since mine shows tiny one chip around speaker grills. Fortunately it's within 14days . What do you think of this?


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