iPhone 7 motherboard replacement


How to disassembly and remove or replace Logic Board iphone 7 motherboard repair. Complete teardown guide.
Screwdrivers set:
Motherboard for iphone 7:
Opening tool:
Magnetic Mat:
Adhesive waterproof tape:

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  1. Hi mr! I have a bypass iphone 7 and a iphone 7 screen lcd problem and i know the apple id of it the is to replace the motherboard of a defected screen into my bypass iphone. Will it work ?

  2. After this process. Front facing camera w FaceID & True Tone would need to be addressed.. is there anything else paired? Any issue with battery health percentage?

  3. hello I have a question it is a simple ali express card is it compatible on and no peobleme because I have an iphone with the card which is burn

  4. will the logicboard of an iphone 6s work in a iphone 7? The iphone 7 is locked, it´s my dead brothers and it´s been sitting in a drawer for over a year now but it´s locked so I can´t use it. I didn´t really think about the thing until my GFs iphone 6s screen broke. Would the logicboard work with the size and the IO? I´m not an apple person and all of this closed and locked system shit gives me headaches 🙁

  5. Hello.
    I have a question. I have an iphone 8 of 64gb with a dead motherboard. I know the motherboard has the IMEI so by changing the motherboard I would be changing my IMEI too. However, I was wondering if I can buy a iphone 8 motherboard of 256gb instead and install so it would boost my phone's memory. Please let me know if thats possible.

  6. Can we trust that motherboard won't be iCloud locked from AliExpress?
    Also how did you pay In international currency?
    I'm from India and want to order it

  7. When we change the motherboard of iphone7, then what is the benefit of it to us, what is the benefit of it, tell me a bit about this plane, it is very important to know.

  8. Hello everyone.

    I’m wondered about something which is ( if I replaced that mother board will that impact on ID touch home button ?).

    Who can help me !! Plz


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