iPhone 7: So long, headphone jack; hello, AirPods (CNET News)


As expected, Apple skipped an analog headphone jack on its iPhone 7 in favor of its new AirPod wireless headphones.

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  1. Naruto, Ninjago, and The Flash are the best · Edit

    The fact that this video came out 4 years ago, and today, AirPods are everywhere. Literally almost everyone has them now. Including me (who never even knew AirPods were a thing until they got famous)

  2. "we removed a feature that you all use… but fear not, we made this clumsy adapter that you can use instead! you can't charge while listening and it's a downgrade in every way, but who cares!"
    audience erupts in applause

    God, Apple really can get away with anything, can't they.


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