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presents the official iPhone 7 Screen Replacement, Teardown and Reassemble Guide. This step-by-step repair video will show you how to repair a broken or damaged iPhone 7 4.7″ display assembly, and also how to completely tear down and reassemble your Apple phone. Visit Fixez.com for all of the DIY iPhone 7 replacement screens, parts, and tools you need to quickly, and affordably, fix your device!

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iPhone 7 Screen Repair, Teardown and Reassemble Guide Video:

Step 1 – Power down your Apple iPhone 7 phone.

Step 2 – Eject the Nano-SIM Card Tray.

Step 3 – Remove the two bottom 3.4 mm Pentalobe screws located next to the lightning connector.

Step 4 – Use the precision knife to create enough space to insert a triangle opening tool. With the triangle opening tool slice through the sticky adhesive and carefully decouple the iPhone 7 display assembly from the rear case. Unlike previous iPhone models, the iPhone 7 opens just like a book, along the side instead of at the top. The display assembly is still connected to the iPhone by cables along the middle-right side, so don’t try to remove it entirely just yet. Remove the following 4 Tri-Point screws securing the bracket that covers the battery connector and two of the display cables. These screws are different sizes, so be sure to remember where they go. With the bracket out of the way spudge up the cables from the logic board. Remove the following 2 Phillips screws that secure the bracket covering the upper component display cable. Disconnect the cable and free the iPhone 7 display assembly from the phone.

Step 5 – Remove the following 6 Phillips screws, followed by the metal clip they secure in place. Easily extract the stereo-enabling speaker. Use the tweezers to help remove the tangled up 7-megapixel iPhone 7 Front-Facing Camera Cable Assembly. It includes the front-facing camera, microphone, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

Step 6 – Remove the following 4 Tri-Point screws and then the metal bracket. Separating the solid state iPhone 7 Plus home button is simple, with only light adhesive on the cable and no delicate gasket.

Step 7 – Remove the following 6 Tri-Point screws. Use the spudger to release the adhesive from beneath the bottom of the iPhone 7 LCD shield plate.

Step 8 – In place of the headphone jack is a barometric vent. Remove the following 2 Phillips screws and then lift it out of the iPhone 7 rear case. Disconnect the Taptic Engine from the logic board. Remove the following 3 Phillips screws and tweeze out the iPhone 7 Taptic Engine. This sleek engine uses haptic feedback to simulate the push of a button.

Step 9 – Locate the two peel-to-remove adhesive tabs at the bottom of the 7 battery. Grab the first tab and try to keep the adhesive strip flat and wide. Slowly and gently pull each strip up and away from the iPhone 7. The strips will stretch to many times the length of the battery- keep pulling until they come out from between the battery and the rear case. And just like that, out pops the 1960 milliampere-hour (mAh), 3.8-volt iPhone 7 battery.

Step 10 – Remove the following 2 Phillips screws. Remove the protective metal cover. With the spudger in hand, disconnect the 12-megapixel iPhone 7 rear-facing camera and pry it out of the chassis.

Step 11 – Remove the following 4 Phillips screws. Pluck out the top left Wi-Fi antenna. Before digging the iPhone 7 logic board out of the rear case, it is necessary to attack a bevy of Phillips, Tri-Point, and standoff screws, and dispatch of a few connectors. After taking care of the last 2 connectors, carefully uproot the iPhone 7 logic board out of the rear case.

Step 12 – Remove the following 4 Phillips screws. Eradicate the iPhone 7 loudspeaker.

Step 13 – Remove the following 5 Phillips screws. Use the tweezers to separate the microphones from the speaker grille plugs. The iPhone 7 Lightning connector assembly is moderately adhered to the rear case, but with a little spudgering it is readily removed. This everything cable includes the lightning port, an antenna, and two microphones.

Step 14 – Remove the following 2 Phillips screws. Extract the antenna flex cable, which acts as a bridge between antenna pathways. Remove the standoff screw, and then the bracket. Remove the following 5 Phillips screws. The last component to surrender is a cable array that contains the power and volume button switches, LED flash, a microphone, and the ring / silent switch.

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  1. Watch this easy to follow guide, it'll show you step by step how to safely disassemble and reassemble your iPhone 7! You can fix your device all by yourself!

  2. II-BadSport Vulture-II · Edit

    I love the iPhone 7 Plus 256 gig gold edition from VERIZON it has stereo speakers the speakers are pretty damn good they will blow you away with the sound quality it's pretty dang good the only problem I have with my phone is with everything of an iPhone no matter what iPhone you have. It has the shittiest voice texting it always misspells it's not that great on voice texting it's kind a lame but other than that I love my iPhone

  3. I had a question. I accidentally ripped the home button wire that while opening it. is it possible to fix or would I just need to buy a whole new lcd and digitizer with the wire already there.

  4. Hello im going fix my camera lens on the back and do i only buy lens no glue ? And iknow my phone is not going be waterproof no more but im going make it back what do i need to but it ? And tut of making it waterproof again


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