iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 – Review & Camera Test! (4K)


iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 review and camera test comparison. A full side by side comparison between the new Apple iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 flagship killer.


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  1. 6:46 no one has observed. If you look carefully you can see two men in kurtas, which is Indian tradition and this guy is American (or may be of other country),so this photo is clicked in India. Not by this man. This has been picked and pasted from other videos or Internet. You can see this at 6:46. This guy sounds like American

  2. I hate it when Apple users think, the only other phone compnay is Samsung..
    then I can understand why they hate on Android..

    I personally dont like Samsung either because their phones are overpriced too and in my opinion the OS looks pretty ugly too.

    I prefer Sony or some little Brands such as one plus.

    people dont care about specs they only pay the for the branding…


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